Unlocking Faith In Prisons

Unlocking Faith In Prisons

St. James’ Camp Prison, Accra

I experienced God in prison

Kingsley. doesn’t like talking about the crime that put him in prison. He stole money from his workplace he says, but he is uncomfortable with the details.

When he gets to the subject of God, however, the conversation comes alive. “I want to know more about Jesus and do the things he wants me to do”. He enthused, “whenever I read the Bible, I find words that encourage me”

Thirty Five (35) year old Kingsley, had very little to do with God and anything that concerns the church before arriving at St. James’ Camp Prison in Accra. He was involved in all sorts of illegal activities, he admits. But now, halfway through his sentence, it is very heartwarming to see Kingsley as one of the inmates in charge of leading church activities and says, “I now dedicate most of my time to reading and studying the word of God since going through an Alpha”

Kingsley’s story shows the powerful and unique impact Alpha is making in our prisons and society as a whole. He is an example of how the simple tool of Alpha is helping inmates to explore life and the Christian faith. It shows what happens when people really meet Jesus and are guided to discover more.

Robin Asamoah Fenning, governor of the St. James Camp Prison said, “The contribution of Alpha in the reformation story of our prison is just massive. These prisoners, sentenced for relatively minor crimes are key targets for rehabilitation. Re-offending rates have dropped from 57% to 21% since Alpha arrived at the prison in 2007”.

Mr. Asamoah Fenning added, "Kingsley has transformed since he came here’. You can see how much prisoners want to know more about living useful lives and the word of God. Alpha in partnership with the Bible Society of Ghana, gives a bible to every participating prisoner at the end of every Alpha and this helps the prisoners to continue discovering Jesus for themselves while building their faith. This is very essential in the reformatory process because when a man/ woman knows the reason or essence of his/ her life, crime becomes unattractive. We thank you very much for using Alpha for Prisons to greatly help us in what we do here".

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