A Voice from Prison

A Voice from Prison

James Camp Prison, Accra

Those who have the biggest questions, burning inside them, bring it to Alpha

In my years of existence in this world and my explorations into gaining financial wealth, success, fame and dignity, I find the tenets of this course "Explore The Meaning Of Life" the greatest amongst all. More valuable than having Saudi oil fields or even rich gold mines at my disposal.

As interesting as it may sound, the systematically organised and power-packed nature of Alpha has really introduced me to this world founded on the word of God. I feel I've been lost for too long, wasting all these years in the dark, but Glory be to the Most High God for unravelling these mysteries to me at a timely stage in my life. It is now that I realised the power that I have as a believer, made in the image of God and redeemed by the blood of Jesus.

Before coming on Alpha, I felt my past heinous and atrocious crimes haunting me. They kept on haunting me anytime I entered a prayer session. With the knowledge acquired through the Alpha course, and to the Glory of God, this experience has become a thing of the past. The truth is that the death of Jesus Christ on the cross of Calvary has put an end to my physical, spiritual, psychological and emotional trauma.

I can surely and proudly boast in the name that surpasses all, Jesus Christ, that I have a new life. The days when bitterness took the greater part of my heart and life until I avenge those who wronged me are no more. Glory be to God.

Furthermore, my once little faith has seen a tremendous boost. Practicing my growing faith day after day makes me believe God is still in his miracle working business. "Faith truly is the breeding ground for great miracles". From the course content , my understanding and subsequent experiences, this is how best I can describe faith.

Until getting on the Alpha program, I preferred reading other books to the BOOK, (the Bible). Even though I am a christian and believe strongly in the Bible, reading it was boring because I didn't know how to read it effectively. 

I can now read the Bible with a better understanding, thanks to the Alpha team. It is my best BOOK now, because it interprets all situations spiritually and physically. Most especially, it has enlightened me of who and what the Holy Spirit is: the power of God in action. I engage Him all the time in my prayers and life and I've seen noticeable changes in my life.

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