Alpha is Changing Lives

Alpha is Changing Lives


Alpha is as a shining light that shows you personal truths.

Johnson Segbedzi is very passionate about the transformation of young people in his community. As a teacher, he wanted to use the word of God as the tool for this all important transformation in Kpando and its environs. After coming into contact with the Alpha team which run an Alpha in his school, he immediately knew that he has found the exact tool he was searching for all these years.

What kind of impact do you think Alpha has made in your life?

J.S: Alpha has definitely changed the way in which I work, and the relationship that I have with people. Over time, I’ve become more and more convinced that Alpha is the perfect instrument for evangelism as I see it work time and time again. Alpha is as a shining light, that shows you personal truths.

How do you make Jesus’ message relevant for the youth in Kpando?

J.S: It is amazing witnessing the change that comes into the lives of young people in all the schools that we have run Alpha. The young people who come on Alpha become an attraction to those who have not. Because I work mainly with schools, the personal transformation is so visible in the whole school community that, teachers and students tell other people and colleagues in different schools about Alpha. This is an exciting showcase of the relevance of the message of Jesus to young people.

What are the biggest things that Alpha provides for young people?

J.S: Alpha is a tool that leads young people to discover who they really are, what really to believe and what the truth is. Alpha takes them on a journey of Love and acceptance. This is what Mawutor said after coming on an Alpha, "I never knew I was loved by God, all along, I thought God is looking for faults to punish me, but now I know better. I'm loved and empowered to love all others". Is there anything greater than this? Discovering Jesus and knowing him by yourself and for yourself is awesome.

Discovering Jesus, and knowing Him by yourself and for yourself is awesome.

Have you faced any challenges working with Alpha in Ghana?

J.S: Working in a rural setting has its own peculiar challenges. It has generally been an awesome experience. Seeing the Joy of the Lord on the faces of both students and teachers that come on Alpha always makes any challenge look like a grain of sugar on a table. Nothing can be compared to the satisfaction of knowing very well that, somebody's life will never be the same just by employing the simple tool of Alpha. I'm unstoppable. 

What excites you most about Alpha in Kpando and Ghana as a whole in the coming years, and where do you see yourself in the future?

J.S: I'm currently not only taking Alpha to schools but also to churches. The churches embracing Alpha means that, it can be a tool to be used perpetually. It is not only a single denominational church that has embraced Alpha but various denominations and this is very encouraging. Alpha has transformed my life and has done same to many people. I believe as the transformation continues, I will not be the only person around here spreading it. I look forward to others joining me and the team.

When it comes to Alpha in Ghana, there is a lot to be done. As you know, Ghana is a vast country and because Alpha is not limited to any demography, I can just smile as I imagine what a people we will have after half of the population of this country comes on Alpha. Many more people will share their experiences on Alpha and it can only get bigger. You know, "Love is contagious and so is Alpha." As we train more people to run Alpha, it will gradually spread across the whole blessed land of Ghana.

Love is contagious and so is Alpha

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